Case Study: 18 Week Support




From Multiple Agencies to One

We were introduced to 18 Week Support through word of mouth, and initial talks were very positive. The management at 18WS were using multiple agencies and in-house employees to manage their marketing and design, so there was no set structure to how they worked on campaigns or documents.

For a successful company growing as fast at 18 Week Support, this is surprisingly common.

Our remote marketing department model was a perfect fit for the 18WS dynamic and we instantly began working on upcoming projects with their teams.

An important part of the introductory process was to define the Brand and create a Brand Guidelines document to ensure that both the Karbon and 18WS teams were happy and confident with the style of the Brand going forward.

Getting Sociable

One of the first things we pushed with the 18WS brand was to become more active on Social Media.

They had an account on LinkedIn, but posts were sporadic and followers were fluctuating based on activity and invitations.

We implemented a strategy to post more regularly and aim to bring value to the audience through statistics, articles, good news and more.

Instantly we saw a great increase in followers and more importantly, regular engagement on the posts.

Bringing Value To Followers

In the new age of Marketing, having genuinely engaged followers is all about bringing value to your audience.

18 Week Support realised that with a network of over 1500 specialist medical and head office staff, they could bring an enormous amount of educational value by sharing some of their knowledge with their audience and also attract new clients at the same time.

Coupled with educational social media posts, we helped 18 Week Support run a series of Webinars, and they were instantly a big hit.

Through targeted social campaigns and their large email newsletter lists, we were able to drive hundreds of attendees to the first few events, and now they are running regularly.

Keeping Organised

Through moving all of their creative design and marketing requirements to Karbon, we have managed to bring an organised structure to the 18 Week Support growth plans and help them to reach a wider network through new and existing platforms.

Just like in medication, consistency and the right dosage is key.

Even at large companies, there is not necessarily the need for a full time Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager or Web Developer, so this is where the Karbon model really shines through. Because we can match capacity where required and there is no charges or employee costs when there isn’t a requirement.

Onwards and Upwards

We continue to work with 18 Week Support and look forward to what the future brings.

Upon writing this, they are playing a huge part in helping the NHS to recover from it’s backlogs after Covid-19 and we are very proud to be helping them to do so.

We are very grateful to not only work with such a brilliant and fun team, but also help to innovate within our National Health Service.

The head of the development, Stephen Kemp, has kindly provided us with some words about our working relationship.

Karbon Creative are our remote marketing team, but they have quickly become an integral part of the 18 Week Support family. From PowerPoint proposals, to recruitment campaigns, to website design, they have helped us significantly improve our external and internal presentation.

Every month is different at 18 Week Support, therefore the flexible capacity and specialist support works really well for us. One month we need to promote a new service on LinkedIn, another we will be updating our client proposal documents and the next we need a photographer to update the company profiles, the flexibility is great for us!

The Karbon team work with every department in our company, supporting our team to provide the highest standards of work for our staff and clients. The team significantly increased our LinkedIn presence from 824 followers to 1724 in just 5 months, which is providing us with a significant platform for the future.

We can’t recommend Karbon Creative enough, it’s a great partnership and we look forward to continuing this exciting, fun and dynamic relationship.

Alex Chilvers

18 Week Support