Case Study: Car Chase Heroes




Movie Cars and Muscle Cars, fancy a drive?

We began working with Car Chase Heroes in January 2018, when they had a small Social Media following and very few direct sales. The majority of business in this industry is driven by Voucher companies like Groupon and Buy A Gift. However, they were growing very fast and building a niche in the market with their Movie Car and Muscle Car experiences.

The vision of CEO Tom Roche was to build awareness of the company with the long term goal of selling Driving Experiences directly through their website, which would enable them to influence their sales with their own marketing.

Prioritise to Revolutionise.

We knew from the outset that we had to focus on Brand Awareness before attempting any substantial Marketing Campaigns to drive direct sales.

With the trust of Tom and the Car Chase Team, we embarked on a full year of brand building and awareness campaigns utilising Social Media for Giveaways and daily content that engaged and entertained people, generating new followers.

At the end of year 1 we had grown a substantial following across 3 platforms, taking the profiles from 5000 to 15,000 active and engaged car lovers. With a lot of the followers attending the events, we found that the social pages turned into an online community for all things automotive.

Return on Investment

With a strong Social Media presence and awareness of the Brand built up over 2018, we decided it was time to capitalise on holiday sales in 2019. After designing an eye-catching Special Offers page on the website and building up a large newsletter throughout the year, all we needed now was a strong Campaign.

We ran A/B Tests on Google Adwords and Facebook, realising quickly that Facebook was the most efficient for the products on offer. After various small campaigns throughout the year, we were confident to invest heavily in our new formula by the end of the year.

Over the Black Friday and Christmas period we saw a triple figure return on investment of over 6 times the total advertising spend.

Content is King

To put out great content on a daily basis, we needed to first create the content. We sent our Automotive photographer to 1-2 events per month for most of 2018 and began to send a Videographer with him for most of 2019.



This allowed us to consistently capture great stills and video which we could edit and post during the following months. Now we have a large archive we attend less events but still have great content for posts every day.

Start your Engines

We continue to work with Car Chase Heroes, refining the products and pushing the boundaries of marketing in the Social Media world. Although we have accomplised a lot, we know this is only the beginning.

The CEO, Tom Roche, has kindly provided us with some words about our working relationship.


The Karbon team are an extension of the car chase heroes family and it’s a great partnership. The guys are always contactable and go above and beyond for our company. 

The designs are so creative, every day they are coming up with a new way to interact with our customers. With a long term strategic plan, Karbon grew our facebook page followers from 4,500 to 35,000 in just 2 years, which we are now able to leverage with marketing campaigns and daily posts. 

Our customers love interacting on the social media platforms and they have created a real community online which is constantly buzzing around our brand. Last year we made a big push for black Friday and Christmas and the return on investment was amazing. 

We are excited  to run similar campaigns with the team again this year. One of the main reasons we love working with Karbon is their creative artwork, which is eye-catching, innovative and just really cool!

Tom Roche
CEO of Car Chase Heroes

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