Case Study: Midlands Orthopaedic Centre




Time To Stand Out

We were drafted in to Dudley Group Foundation Trust initially as branding consultants, to discuss an idea that their Transformation Team had come up with.

They had an unusual dilemma in the NHS, wherein they had become so efficient that they had additional capacity and a lack of patients. Therefore, they wanted a way to reach out to more patients, and support other Trusts with long waiting lists in the Midlands.

The idea was to rebrand their Orthopaedic department, which had the most capacity and brilliant waiting times, and create a standalone ‘Hub’ for Orthopaedics in the Midlands.

With great opportunity came great ideas, and the first few meetings had everyone very excited about the idea of the Midlands Orthopaedic Centre.

The Brand Identity

We worked closely with the Orthopaedic department and Transformation Team to mind map name and logo variations, before settling on the MOC and designing it’s iconic logo.

Being part of the NHS and Dudley Group Hospital, keeping close to the NHS branding was necessary, but we were tasked with giving the MOC a modern and fresh look.

We achieved this look by using rounded shapes and typography, which contrasts the traditional clean cut fonts used within the NHS and healthcare industry.

A tile pattern was also incorporated into the brand identity, to give designers and artworks a stand out element when needed.

The Rebranding Process

When the brand was finalised, it was time to begin to branch out from the main Trust and start the rebranding process.

Dudley were keen for us to continue working alongside them, and we agreed to undertake their rebrand which consisted of redesigning all documentation, setting up social media channels and creating a standalone website.

Our main target with the MOC website design was to modernise the way people navigate large NHS websites and make the user experience as seamless as possible.

We had regular calls with the Trust’s IT and Communications Teams to make sure the design would also lead to pain-free site maintenance post launch.

The Brand Guidelines

Due to the size of the Dudley Trust Communications and Design Teams, it was imperative that we created a clear and easy to understand Brand Guidelines document that could be followed by designers when creating documents or artworks to ensure a uniform brand image.

We encorporated all aspects of the rebrand and included simple guidelines for use of each asset.

Brand Guidelines are key for any medium to large company or corporation. Without them, brands can get diluted very quickly as there are no clear rules for how the fonts, colours or logo should be used correctly, and each designer puts their own ‘twist’ on artworks and documents.

Launching the MOC

We continue to work with the Midlands Orthopaedic Centre as we help them navigate through the first year since launching their new brand. Establishing a digital and physical presence inside the healthcare industry and local community are amongst our main goals for the first year.

We are very grateful to not only work with such a forward thinking organisation, but also help to innovate within our National Health Service.

The head of the programme, Joshua Raden, has kindly provided us with some words about our working relationship.

Working with Karbon Creative has been an amazing experience, we don’t often get a chance to be creative in the NHS so working with a dynamic and experienced team like Karbon has been so much fun. The Karbon team have worked with our clinicians and managers to bring our version of an elective orthopaedic centre to life; guiding us on name options, designing logos, creating a website from scratch and now leading on our social media presence, we can’t thank them enough. We’d never done anything like this, so having Karbon guide us on this journey has been incredibly helpful… and a lot of fun!

The branding has really brought the whole team together, when you come to the MOC all of our staff proudly display the logo on their badges or uniform. The partnership has also worked really well with our internal communication and IT team as well.

Value of money in the NHS is extremely important and Karbon understood this, so they worked closely with us to ensure we only undertook what we required and optimised the internal trust resources to reduce the costs. If you are thinking about working with these guys, do it! The whole team are great to work with.

Joshua Raden

Directorate Manager - T&O & RTT/Access
Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

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