Case Study: Productive Partners




From Idea to a Vision

We were approached by CEO Kayley Taggart with an idea of a company in late 2019.

With many years of experience working with the NHS and improving efficiency on processes, systems and targets, it was now time to take all of that experience and create a team that could branch out to help multiple Trusts at the same time.

We worked with Kayley to take her idea and turn it into a vison of what the Brand could initially look like, and her goals for further down the line.

Looking ahead is very important with branding and marketing, as this can greatly influence the persona that the Brand emanates along the way.

The Brand Identity

Working closely with Kayley and her team, we designed various initial logo concepts. Research was based around data, charts, productivity and efficiency. 

The final logo incorporates a bar chart into the letter P, with connotations of growth and the data driven analytics that the company works with on a day to day basis. We found that the simplicity of the logo is one of it’s strongest assets.

We chose to stick with similar blues to the NHS so that the Brand will never clash with the renowned NHS Branding when placed on documents or presentations together. The three lines of the bar chart created many more ideas and quickly became an iconic part of the Brand.

Hitting the World Wide Web

Next it was time to utilise the new branding to build a website for Productive Partners.

We found that many websites in the health industry are confusing to navigate due to being very busy. Therefore, our top priority when designing the site was to make it user friendly and very easy to understand what Productive Partners offer as a service.

Keeping the pages clean and spacious whilst utilising isometric style icons, the website developed the Brand further and really brought it to life. The blue brand colours contrast each other well and work with the negative white space to create easy to read and stand out areas.

Why is it so important?

According to a poll in 2020, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive.

Branded Corporate Material

Productive Partners produce a lot of corporate material for presentations, meetings or brand awareness.

We believe that every piece of corporate material and stationary should have a focus on branding and design, as this is what builds a renowned and memorable brand identity over time.

The isometric graphics work well for the Productive Partners documents, to soften the read and make them visually interesting and engaging.

Partners in Productivity

We continue to work with Productive Partners, helping them to target new Trusts, create corporate material and maintain a good social media presence. In turn, we are forever learning new tricks and tips about productivity and efficiency!

We are very thankful to have such a productive partnership!

The CEO, Kayley Taggart, has kindly provided us with some words about our working relationship.

I just love working with these guys! They are creative, engaging and have the experience my team needs to turn good work into great work. Their depth of thought is outstanding, they take a detailed brief but also discuss the wider programme of work to ensure what i’m asking for is really what i’m asking for.

The Karbon guys have supported my company by expanding us from a company name to a reputable brand in just a few months. They worked with me to develop a design concept including logo, presentation and admin material that all build towards our vision for the future. The team have met all of our timescales… Even my challenging same day ones (thank you!) which have gotten us out of sticky situations. To ensure my clients have trust in the work me and my team deliver, it’s important that our work looks professional and Karbon have supported us to achieve a higher standard of material.

Most recently we have worked together on a large programme of work, engaging over 50 stakeholders and delivering a return on investment of 10+ times. The programme has been extremely successful and we are now starting to roll it out into other areas. I would highly recommend this dynamic, hardworking and supportive team.

Kayley Taggart
CEO of Productive Partners

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