Frequently Asked Questions

We call ourselves your remote marketing department because in general, we become more integrated into your teams than most agencies. Our first task when partnering with you will be to get to know your team, company and industry and well as possible, so we can work efficiently alongside you, come up with the best strategies for you, and of course, know whether it’s tea or coffee for you when it’s time to turn the kettle on!

Whilst we are remote, we are not nomads! Our office is situated in Bedford. Our team alternates from working at home and in the office.

Depending on whether you need monthly support or a one-off project, our pricing structure can vary.

Generally, our partners work with us perpetually and we invoice the hours worked on a monthly basis. We structure the hourly rate based on the number of hours worked, with a lower hourly rate for partners that require higher amounts of hours per month. For single projects or large campaigns, we will provide a quotation in advance.

Our support flexes with your demand. If you have times of the year which are quieter than others, we can scale up and down our team capacity to support your requirements.

If you are a partner that works with us on a monthly basis, you have support 24/7 through your personal Marketing Manager. Whilst we don’t work night shifts, we do not have set hours when you can contact us, and we are always available to help.

Our pro-active support model works with a monthly budget that is generally reviewed quarterly. This enables us to forecast and ensure we have the right capacity for your requirements.

We have a variety of different packages available for Social Media Management. Our services start with our expert Social Media Managers assisting you with community engagement, by responding to all comments and inbox messages. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we offer full account management where we will create the concepts and content, schedule the posts at the optimal times for your audience, and manage all community engagement. We can create a fully customised social package to suit your requirements.

We can include a social media advertising budget into a management package; however, we usually look at them as separate services. As a rule of thumb, both should be working together for optimum results.

Our Graphic Designers are always on hand to support with any creative projects that your business requires. Many people think of Graphic Design as logo design, stationary design or creative advertising campaigns. However, we support many of our partners with day to day graphic support for documentation such as: PowerPoint Presentations, Brochures, Promotional Material, Recruitment Documents and a variety of internal and external PDF’s. If you are a monthly client of ours, you will have a dedicated Graphic Designer as part of your remote marketing team.

All videography shoots will be quoted based on your requirements. We can work to your budget depending on the experience and number of crew needed, kit required and location. Shoots are generally quoted based on days on-site, days editing and expenses. However, for smaller projects we can sometimes quote hourly.

We have a very experienced management team who are disciplined when it comes to project deadlines. We understand that missed deadlines have implications for your business and guarantee set timeframes for all larger projects based on their requirements. If you are a monthly client of ours you will have a dedicated marketing team with capacity allocated to your business, ensuring you always have a team on hand to deliver the work on time.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from Sole Traders to International Corporations. We have supported many Start Up’s and taken them from an idea, to an established company, with a sensible budget. Please don’t hesitate to enquire if you are a Start Up or Sole Trader, to see how we can help to grow your business in a cost-effective and results driven way.

We offer full creative and copywriting support for email campaigns and newsletters. Whether you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, or simply keep your mailing list engaged with beautiful and well written articles on a monthly basis, we can help you to send emails that deliver results. (Who doesn’t love a mail pun, they are just brilliant.)

We do not charge any campaign management fees for advertising spend. Our fees are based on the time spent setting up and managing the campaign, any advertising costs will be billed directly to the client.

All of our data is securely stored on servers and fully compliant with the latest GDPR requirements. Our privacy and cookies policy can be viewed here.

Drop us a message and we will answer it for you!