Social Media Management

Social media has become a key platform for businesses large and small to connect with their customers and generate new leads. We offer a variety of management packages covering content creation, optimised scheduling, community management and importantly, detailed analytics and strategy.

The importance of social media for businesses

Social media platforms are like additional websites for your business. Special websites where you can build a community, post your product and business updates, interact with your customers and pay to promote your thoughts to your exact target demographic. Sounds too good to be true right?

Professional social media management is still incredibly overlooked by companies large and small, with some even letting the receptionist loose to post whatever they like to keep the page active, or worse still, decide to stop posting abruptly so it looks like the business closed when the last post was published in August 2019. Not all companies need to have thousands of new followers each month, but they do all need to have a steady stream of professional looking posts on relevant platforms to show customers that they are a trustworthy company.

The 4 elements of social media management

Content and scheduling:

The part that everyone sees! Content consists of an image, caption and relevant hashtags. It should be bespoke to each platform i.e. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and scheduled for an optimum time when your audience is most frequently online.

Community management:

Your digital customer service platform! Your social profiles should be checked every 1-2 hours for comments and inbox messages. Responses should be light-hearted but professional, this is an opportunity to have some fun with your customers!

Paid social:

Social media is currently the most cost-effective medium for recruitment, leads and brand awareness adverts. Everyone wishes they ran Google Ads when they were pennies per click, don’t miss the boat when it comes to paid social!

Strategy and analytics:

If you try to achieve the ‘how’ of your social media marketing without first knowing the ‘why’, you risk wasting both time and money. Once you understand what you are trying to achieve, you are ready to implement but reports should be run monthly at a minimum to ensure you are on track and keeping up with trends.

Depending on the business’ budget and internal team capacity, we build bespoke social media management plans that incorporate all 4 elements and work towards the business’ goals.

Creative Portfolio

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