Strategy & Training

Marketing strategy and skills training can deliver significant business benefits. From training your operational teams with design principles to improve document presentation, to providing key industry insights to your strategy team to support business projections. We have senior team members that are experienced in strategy and training.

The importance of a marketing strategy

If you try to achieve the ‘how’ of your marketing without first knowing the ‘why’, you risk wasting both time and money. When you understand what you are trying to achieve, you are better able to decide how to reach those goals and ultimately start heading towards them. Fundamentally, a marketing strategy should be subsequent to setting your business goals for a set period. When you have clear business goals, you are able to plan the key elements of your marketing strategy:

Identifying the business goals and corresponding marketing goals to support them.

What resources do we have to reach these goals, both financial and team capacity.

Key performance indicators to enable us to track progress of the goals set.

Target market:
Who are we trying to market to, and what drives their decision-making process?

Keep your friends close, but your enemies…

What marketing initiatives can we utilise and which should be prioritised?

Marketing strategy vs marketing plan

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, your marketing plan and marketing strategy are two separate elements of your business.

Your marketing strategy is what you need to achieve with your marketing efforts, and it’s shaped by and should reflect your business goals. Your marketing plan is how you are going to achieve those marketing goals, and it’s the practical implementation of your marketing strategy. Both a marketing strategy and a marketing plan are necessary because they work together to give direction to your initiatives.

Karbon marketing strategies

Our strategies aim to cut the fluff and deliver both a marketing strategy and marketing plan within one project. We offer 2 types of strategy build depending on the timeframe and budget that suits your business, both with the same 3 key deliverables:

1) An extensive list of potential marketing initiatives that you could utilise over the coming 6-12 months

2) 3 bespoke marketing plans based on your appetite for growth and available budget

3) A branded marketing strategy deck Please enquire for pricing and availability.


Half-day virtual discovery session with stakeholders

Half-day strategy build and delivery


Full-day in-person discovery session with stakeholders

Full-day strategy build and delivery

Team training

Whilst we are not qualified teachers, we do have a lot of experience upskilling in-house teams with the basic principles of marketing specialties. For many smaller businesses, this is a very cost-effective route to ensuring high quality work whilst utilising their operational teams for some of the day-to-day tasks.

Some of our bespoke workshops:

– Introduction to the Adobe Suite

– Introduction to individual Adobe programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)

– Introduction to Social Media Management

– Introduction to WordPress

– Introduction to Marketing

– Introduction to Digital Marketing

– Designing in Microsoft PowerPoint

– Designing for social media

– Graphic Design principles

All of our training sessions can be completed virtually or in-person. Please enquire for pricing and availability.

Creative Portfolio

Keen to see what our team can do? We don’t blame you! Take a look at our Creative Portfolio, a snapshot view of some websites we’ve built, designs we’ve created and videos we’ve directed.