Specialist Teams

Although we have experience and clients across a wide variety of industries, we have 2 specialist teams of passionate creatives that service the Automotive and Healthcare industries. These teams have a breadth of knowledge from working with businesses of all shapes and sizes and are able to provide valuable advice and guidance alongside marketing support.

The Automotive Team

Petrolheads, greasemonkeys, car fanatics… If oil runs through your veins then it shows in your marketing. We realised very early in Karbon’s existence that we could build great communities in the automotive industry because the founding team members live and breathe motorsport. Our automotive team embodies this philosophy and continues to create industry leading brands.

The Health & Leisure Team

Meet our seasoned team where health, leisure, and industry expertise come together to shape unforgettable brand stories.

We have extensive experience in lifestyle and leisure sectors, as well as collaborations with NHS Trusts and private healthcare companies.

Harnessing the power of a full-service marketing team, we deliver unparalleled results at a fraction of the cost of an in‑house marketer.